About Us

Eagles Nest Ministries is a registered NGO operating in Uganda. Its Mission is to uplift the people of East Africa by providing Education, Medical services, and Bible teaching. The main focus of the ministry is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by ministering in three areas:


Eagles Nest Ministries oversees four schools that bear its name.

  • Eagles Nest Primary School (Kampala)
  • Eagles Nest ┬áPrimary School (Nakalanda)
  • Eagles Nest Primary School (Apac)
  • Eagles Nest Secondary School (Kampala)

Medical Care

  • Eagles nest Medical Center (Nakalanda Project)

Bible Teaching

  • Eagles Nest Ministries currently has over 300 hundred churches all over Uganda
  • Its main Church is Based in Kampala near Eagles nest Primary School
  • Pastor Ricky Dodzweit is currently a minister on Light House Television Uganda