History of the Ministry

The Origins of our Ministry date back in 1945, when Arthur Dodzweit and May Dodzweit were sent by Elim Church New York to spread the Gospel in East Africa. They started a mission in Kenya ministering the gospel there. They adopted a baby who was brought to them in terrible condition. A catholic mission nearby rejected the boy because he was close to death, he was taken to the Dodzweit who took him in and by Gods grace the boy survived. His name Was Joseph Butch Dodzweit  

The Dodzweits moved to Uganda in 1961 to spread the Gospel. East Africa was under British rule. Kenya was a British ‘colony’ and Uganda was a ‘protectorate.’ The first Elim Missionaries to Kenya were the Hills, sent by ‘Elim U.S.A in 1941. Arthur and May Dodzweit came in 1945. In 1958 they, BudSickler, Carlton Spencer, and Hugh Lezel came to Uganda to seek permission to start Elim Mission, the British Deputy Governor was in charge (the governor was back in England). Only the Protestants, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day and Muslims were allowed in Uganda. Pentecostals were only to be in Kenya. But because the Deputy Governor’s mother, in England, had become a Pentecostal, he allowed Elim Mission to come to Uganda.

Within the short time, (eleven years) they planted over 500 churches in Uganda, 120 churches in Rwanda, 200 in Burundi and 3,500 churches in Congo.

They built their main church in Kampala Mengo in 1964 that Arthur Dodzweit was the Pastor of for 6 years, that would one day be Pastored by his son Butch Dodzweit and now his Grandson Ricky Dodzweit.

This church was the mother church to all of those churches just mentioned in all those countries.

In 1971 President Idi Amin Dada who was a Muslim ordered the immediate closer of many churches. Elim being among those ordered. And ordered that foreigners where to leave the country. Over night the Dodzweits became illegal in Uganda. They fled the country and were not allowed to return. Arthur Dodzweit died in Rochester up-state New York in 1975.

In 1987 Butch Dodzweit took his wife and three children from California back to the mission field in Uganda, with the help of Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel.

He returned to Uganda and continued where his father ended. He then started a primary school, to help the people of the area and formed Eagles Nest Ministries. There were not many schools at the time and when the students finished primary education at the school they begged for continual education.

A man by the name of Milton Hess who was once a member of Arthur Dodzweits Church in Kenosha Wisconsin when Arthur Dodzweit was Pastoring there, was blessed by Arthur Dodzweit. He told Arthur Dodzweit that he would bless him if God ever blessed him. Hess moved to Florida where he became very successful selling flowers. So with the help of an American by the name of Milton Hess, they were able to construct a Secondary school (High school and Junior College).

He also continued his father’s legacy of planting churches and Shepherding over 300 churches in Uganda.

Ricky Dodzweit, who is Butch Dodzweits son took the role of assistant pastor of the main church in Kampala, and started ministering on Light House Television (LTV) twice a week every week till this day.

Eagles Nest Ministries then went to Nakalanda Island and planted a Primary school and Medical Clinic thanks to support from churches and organizations in the USA. Unfortunately he did not have anyone who could run the clinic and waited in faith for someone to take the call.

Years after construction of both of the schools and medical Clinic, two missionaries from Oklahoma (Steven and Stephanie Bredesen) were about to leave the mission field in Uganda, when they recognized the name and face of Ricky Dodzweit on tv, Stephanie went to school with Butch Dodzweit in vanguard University in California and her parents worked with Arthur and May Dodzweit on the mission field. They connected with Butch Dodzweit who told them about the Clinic on Nakalanda Island.

They are now the Directors of Eagles Nest Nakalanda project.

Butch Dodzweit and Janeffer Dodzweit have been blessed to have their Sons answer the call.

Ricky Dodzweit is pasturing the church started by Arthur Dodzweit, ministers to the children daily. He ministers on television and is the headmaster of a bible school that invites pastors from all over Uganda to attend training. The School was made possible by Pastor Ron Auch of Prayer of Prayer House Assembly of God, based in Kenosha Wisconsin, who is the founder of Kindle College. He is the also the author of all the reading material taught to the Students. The Kindles are financed by a church in Mobil Alabama called Summerdale Assemblies of God. Pastored by Ron Reiser.    

Shane Dodzweit, alongside his brother is a praise and worship leader in the same church started by Arthur Dodzweit, he also ministers to the Primary and Secondary School Children, and rund the both the primary and secondary school. He is in charge of the production department that teaches kids dance, music, drama, and multimedia. He has also followed in the footsteps of his father and Grandfather, and is a part of Eagles Nest village evangelism.